Conference Leaders

The internal communication skills portion of the conference will be led by either Dr. Bill Wilson, President of the Center, or Dr. Chris Gambill, Manager, Congregational Health Services at the Center.

Bill Wilson
After 33 years serving local faith communities, Dr. Bill Wilson accepted the call in 2009 to become the Center’s second president. Bill not only brings with him a love for faith communities, but has expertise in consulting and leadership development, as well as being an ICF certified coach.


Chris Gambill

Dr. Chris Gambill
manages the consultation and emotional intelligence training ministries of the Center. Chris also has expertise in transitional issues, conflict management, leadership and decision making processes, team building, group facilitation/processing, and strategic planning. Chris also has many years experience as a pastor.

The external communication skills portion of the conference will be led by Natalie Aho, Communications Specialist for the Center.

Natalie Aho Natalie Aho has spent nine years as a professional in communications and another four years as an educator. She is also employed as a communications specialist for the Associated Baptist Press and Alabama CBF. She is a coach for SocialPhonics, teaching social media to ministers. She is earning her Masters in Interactive Media through Quinnipiac University online from her home in Mobile, AL. Her husband, Chris, is a pastor.

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