Conference Details

Why focus on communication?

Conflict arises from a lack of communication. A congregation will struggle with clarity and vision if they cannot communicate with one another. It is nearly impossible to form community without good communication. And in the end, sharing the Gospel and the story of your church is all about communicating!

We want to help congregations and ministers learn how to be effective communicators.

One aspect of this is the congregational communication that happens every day: staff to congregation, members to one another, etc. We’ll spend the morning discussing strategies, skills and practices for personal & congregational communication needs.

This portion of the day will really get to the core of what congregations need to operate. We’ll hit on staff meetings, church policy, feedback from congregations to ministers and vise versa, person-to-person skills and more. You will walk away with practices and tools you can use now.

We also want to focus on connecting with the community outside your church walls.  

In the afternoon, our time will be spent on external communication skills: website tips – the best and worst things a church can do with their site; marketing ideas for anything in print – ads, newsletters, signs, logos, etc; social media strategies – the best and worst things a church AND an individual can do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other Google services; tips and tricks for blogs and podcasting; best email newsletter practices; and online policies and cautions. You will leave motivated to use online platforms more effectively.

And we don’t want to leave out a discussion on why.

We will share an overview of our research of the other three key practices for a healthy congregation and the cultural, societal and global shifts in communication processes.

All this for only $125! A bargain investment in the long-term health of your congregation.


Each conference will run from 9 am – 3 pm (an optional tutorial is available from 3-4 pm)
Feel free to bring a laptop or iPad.


$125/person – lunch is included. For a group of 3 or more from the same congregation/staff, the cost is reduced to $100/person. Registration is limited to 75 at each location so register early. Each location has a direct link to register.

Dates and Locations:

The Center has completed our 12 location tour. We are exploring the possibility of other locations in 2012 and 2013 as well as virtual options. Watch for more information soon.