Attendee Testimonies

We surveyed the first round of attendees at our 4 events in NC and VA in early February. Here are some of their responses (directly quoted from the survey):

“It was reaffirming of some of what I thought I might know (ie no one size fits all for policies!) and gave me a lot to think about.”

“Felt affirmed in many areas of what we do, but also challenged to use more narrative, to determine what is most important, and to consolidate our message (too much info is poor communication).”

“It was great that our whole staff came because it was good information that everyone heard and could process in order to use. If only one or two people went, it might be hard to get “buy-in” from everyone, especially concerning Social Media.”

“Very positive experience. Bill Wilson knew his stuff and so did Natalie Aho. I came away feeling full.”

“The conference helped me with what I can communicate to our congregation about the changes needed in our promotion materials and website.”

“As most things are, the first half was really great and just a reminder of falling back into my old ways and forgetting that my behavior has to be intentional if I want to change a certain communication style. The second half was truly learning new things and very insightful. It truly cracked the door open for opportunities that are available to our church and things we should be looking into.”

“Both [presenters] were top notch…very engaging.”

“The [presenters] were both speaking from their area of expertise and it was obvious.”

“VERY impressed. Would attend another conference led by these two thoughtful and intentional persons.”

“Their presence gave an air of expertise yet not over confidence and very approachable. They seemed like potential people I would approach if I did have any questions in the coming months or if I needed to bounce off an idea in the future.”

“Please offer more great conferences like this in the future.”

“Well worth the time, money, and effort. Excellent Leadership. Thanks!”

“Thank you. The leaders were magnificent. The day helped me be a better pastor. Thank you.”

“It was a wonderful day and a well spent day away from work. I felt as though I had learned a lot, yet not overwhelmed with information.”

“Thanks for doing this. I appreciate the effort to resource with churches in a very difficult area for many within the church to navigate. Peace.”

77.7% of those surveyed felt the internal communication portion and 88.2% felt the external communication portion either “taught them some things,” “was really good,” or “will change their ministry going forward.”